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ROM & KERNEL XDuosV3 for Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013 - by Igor Tech

First thing i would like to thank:
  • Millan.sis for his wonderful CWM and inspiration to build this rom
  • Deadly. for stock deodexed rom, some advice and guidance
  • hell_lock inspired me also to build this rom
  • manoranjan2050 for flashable firmware package via odin
  • dsixda for the kitchen
Latest news and announcements
  • 7/30/2013 XDV3_OTA_2.0RC3 update available...
  • 7/18/2013 How to activate INT2EXTV2+ see discussion in here
  • 7/16/2013 Alternative for link2sd shared by papay check this thread
  • 7/16/2013 XDV3_OTA_2.0RC2 update uploaded not available via ota...for now AGAIN...
  • 7/15/2013 Share by crush.override INT2EXT script works fine for this rom check discussion onthis page
  • 7/14/2013 Guide how to activate Akuro Data2SD added check apcf55 post in this page
  • 7/11/2013 OTA update available now...fixed by raw99
  • 7/10/2013 XDV3_OTA_RC1final flashable zip was released it will be available in OTA soon...
What’s on this page?
  • General and History
  • Rom, Base and Kernel information
  • Developer Team
  • Basic and new features
  • Installation guide
  • Screenshots
  • Update packs and OTA
  • Rom version main pages
  • Credits and Thanks

XDuosV3 for GT-S6102
XDuosV3 was one of the successful rom here in GT-S6102 development section. Since first Release on January 2013, our main goal was to bring a better user experience, suites you up for a daily use and make this Rom more stable and powerful as possible cause this is yours not ours.

After the previous version especially v1.5 with the hard work of raw99...Now I present to you my another hard work for v2.0 Code name CMS4.

Rom, Base and Kernel information
Rom information
Model number: GT-S6102
Android: 2.3.6
Baseband: S6102DXLJ1
Build number: XDuosV3_v2.0.DDLG1
By: Kenjboy
Base information
Base: Deodexed Stock Firmware DDLG1
By: Deadly
Download: Here
Kernel information
Name: iDuos 1.3.1
Developer: manoranjan2050
Thread: Here

XDV3 Team


Basic and New features
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zipalign
  • Pre rooted
  • Init.d support
  • Nano text editor
  • Busybox installed
  • Bash shell support
  • Updated all apps
  • Pre-installed Link2sd
  • Audio Fx for music equalizer
  • AdAway as hosts or ad blocker
  • Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS fixed
  • Themed 15 Toggle Statubar
  • Swipe to remove notification
  • Almost themed all apps
  • Themed widgets
  • Modded stock launcher
  • Transparent lockscreen as default
  • 4-way boot
  • New 3D bootanimation of XDV3
  • New fonts
  • New User Interface
  • Signature verification off for system apps
  • Android 4.1 ringtones and sounds
  • Change Default Icons...
  • OTA update support
  • Multi CSC support

Performance Tunning
  • Megabass and Beats audio
  • Bravia Engine
  • Wifi tweaks
  • Network tweaks
  • Streaming tweaks
  • Battery tweaks
  • Net booster
  • Lag reducer
  • CPU control
  • Improve Dalvik
  • Better networking
  • Video, Image and sound improve
  • Increase touchscreen sensitivty
  • Faster SDcard Read/Write Speed
  • Smoother, faster and rock solid..

Multi CSC

Installation Guide
I Recommend to have a nandroid backup and
use fresh stock firmware before flashing
  • Download XDV3_ROM_2.0_Pfinal
  • Download ClockWorkMod
  • Put them in the Root of your SD Card not a Folder just ROOT
  • Switch off your phone
  • Go to Recovery mode by pressing Home+Volume up+Power Button
  • Use the volume keys to scroll Up and Down
  • Wipe DATA
  • Wipe CACHE
  • Choose Apply Update from SD card
  • Choose CWM -> you will boot into CWM Recovery which a yellow coloured text
  • Wipe DATA and CACHE again via CWM
  • Go to Advance
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Wipe Battery Stat
  • Go to Mount and Storage
  • Format Cache
  • Format Data
  • Format System
  • Mount System/Data and Cache
  • Press Back Button
  • Choose Install zip From SDCARD
  • Choose zip From SDCARD
  • THEN Select -> XDV3_ROM_2.0_Pfinal
  • Choose “yes”....
  • Wait for installation to be finished
  • After that Reboot your Phone
Don’t panic when you feel you’re stuck on Black screen
Remember patience is a virtue, its only in first boot then
wait for media scanning to be finished
I’m held not responsible if you brick your phone for this, do with your own risk


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